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Stun&Bleed vessels

M/V VOLT Harvest - Stun & Bleed vessel

The vessel VOLT Harvest is equipped with Stun & Bleed lines to collect and stabilize the fish at the pen. Further the vessel is equipped with RSW tanks to cool and preserve the fish under transport to the final processing and packaging site. The vessel is designed with several features that are unmatched by others. This vessel has very large capacities compared to the size of the vessel.

The VOLT Harvest vessel will be offered to customers in Norway and UK. The vessel will be tailored for each customer and operations area. The vessels will only be offered with long term charters.
The vessel is designed by SALT Ship Design. The vessel is unique when it comes to technology and will provide safe operations for the environment, fish, customers and crew.

The vessel  - specially designed for Stun & Bleed operations

The first vessel is planned to be delivered in 2020. The capacities is optimised for purpose and operational needs are taken into the consideration in all aspects of the vessel.

Special features of the vessel:
  • 2 complete Stun & Bleed lines for high capacity and redundancy
  • 2 RSW system with large cooling capacity and to have redundancy
  • Automatic cleaning of RSW tanks and pipes.

Pre-rigor time

The pre-rigor phase will normally be over 30 hours. This is achieved due to that the fish is stunned and bled within seconds after harvest from the pen. The fish will experience the minimum stress possible.
VOLT Harvest 5

M/V VOLT Harvest

Length: 28,5 meter
Breadth: 10,8 meter
Operational draft: 4 meter
Accommodation:  7 persons
Cranes: 3
Capstans: 2
Mooring winches: 2

Great flexibility in fish handling 

The operation has to be tailored to the processing sites facilities and practical solutions.

After the fish is Stun & Bled at the pen and transported to the processing site, the fish can be:

  • Discharged directly and continous to the processing site during production.
  • Discharged in a short time to a RSW tank on land. The processing site use this as a buffer and produce at their own speed after the vessel has delivered the fish.

Ideally the fish is discharged to a RSW receiving tank on land. The vessel utilization will then be higher since there will be no waiting time for the vessel.

VOLT Harvest_small

24 hour operation

The vessels facilities is planned for a 24 hour operations manning.

Contact information

Chartering contact main office:
Call Robert Søviknes at +47 975 30 850 or send e-mail to

Robert Søviknes

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