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Optilice 4 XL delousing

M/V VOLT Processor - Delousing treatment system - flushing and lukewarm water

VOLT Processor is equipped with a complete Optilice 4 XL delousing treatment system, with lukewarm water. in 2019 we have added a pre flushing system before the fish enters the treatment tanks. In addition the vessel has built in several features that are unmatched by others, for example oxygen production onboard that can be added into the cages, DP system, diesel-electric propulsion etc.

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Capacity is minimum 200 tonnes per hour. We have experienced throughput over 400 tonnes per hour.

Fish between 1 and 12 kg has been treated successfully in our system. We believe that also larger fish can be treated, but has not yet been tested to confirm.
The vessel VOLT Processor was delivered new from the yard May 2018. It is the most modern specialised vessel in the world for delousing treatments.

The Optilice 4 XL treatment system was delivered from Optimar in June 2018. The vessel is unique when it comes to technology and will provide safe operations for the fish, environment, customers and crew.

The treatment system - the newest generation

Experience from several earlier versions and other delousing systems has been used to create the new generation delousing system. It is optimised with regards to animal/fish welfare and gentle treatment. 

It is also unique that the system has been designed to switch between using cooled water and lukewarm water for delousing. This will reduce the risk of the lice to develop resistance against one treatment method.

In short the treatment system offers:

  • New and better design for fish welfare and hygiene
  • Pre-flushing before the treatment zone
  • Newly developed 16 inch constant water flow pumping system for more gentle handling
  • Higher capacity
  • Lower lifting height and more space for the fish
  • Improved distribution system between the treatment zones
  • Complete automatic washing of the entire system
  • New and even better louse filter solution

Treatment water quality - monitored and regulated

In our system it is mounted a large number of sensors to monitor all water flows, water quality (oxygen, nitrogen, turbidity etc.) and of course temperatures, holding times, fish counters etc.

The water quality can be adjusted to what is regarded optimum for the treatment. We produce our own oxygen onboard to add to the treatment water and to where the fish is pumped from in the pen (see below for more information).

All data is automatically logged and stored in our database. We have grahpical and numerical presentations for each treatment  (see below for more information).
Delicing Delousing Avlusing


2 completely separate lines with minimum 200 tons per hour. We have experienced throughput over 400 tonnes per hour. We have treated fish between 1 to 9 kg, but we believe significantly larger fish can be treated in the system.

The actual throughput will be a decision taken by the operators and farmer together based on several factors.
Delousing treatment VOLT Processor

Extreme precision in treatments - for weak fish and winter season

The treatment system will be the optimal and maybe the only IMM choice when fish are to be treated in wintertime or when it is weak. And of course any other times.

The precision in the system with regards to treatment time, temperature control, water quality control and regulation, combined with that the fish is only pumped once (with the most gentle pumps on the market) during the treatment will give the best possible fish welfare. Our system has no holding time in wells and no second second pumping before treatment.

In short - the gentle flow, precision in the treatment and water quality control in the new VOLT treatment system combined with gentle pumping - it will be the optimal choice for weak fish and during wintertime.

The solution when the sea water temperature is high (summer)

When the sea water temperature is high the solution to use flushing and ambient temperature water for delousing may be the most effective and have best results.

Fish transporting system - constant water flow

One of the most important factors for fish welfare is how it is pumped.

SeaQuest constant water flow pumps

2 SeaQuest pumping systems are installed. These pumps are significantly more gentle than other pumping systems used in the industry. We can not find any damages to the fish when this system is used. The damages you see in many other systems like e.g. vacuum pumps are eliminated.

Special features:

  • There is a constant water flow and the water speed can be adjusted to the optimal for the fish type and other factors. 
  • There are no shovels or other moving parts that can damage the fish.
  • The fish will not be exposed to the traditional pressure/vacuum that is with e.g. vacuum pumps. The stress level is reduced for the fish.
  • The fish will not be exposed to "pulse like" pumping cycles like with e.g. vacuum pumps. The stress level is reduced for the fish.
  • Tests has shown that the lactate level in the fish after pumping is less than 1/3 with this pumping principle compared to vacuum pumps.
In short we can say that the fish has a "smooth" ride in the system. 
SeaQuest pump

For winter season and weak fish

The pumps will be the optimal and maybe the only choice when fish are to be pumped in wintertime or when it is weak.

These gentle pumps, combined with that the fish is only pumped once during the treatment will give excellent fish wellfare. Our system has no holding time in wells and no second second pumping before treatment.

In short, the gentle flow in the new Optilice 4 XL combined with gentle pumping - it will be the optimal choice for weak fish and during wintertime.

Oxygen injection into the pen and the treatment system

The vessel is equipped with large Oxygen generators. To our knowledge this is the only delousing treatment vessel that can inject water enriched with oxygen to the pen where the fish are collected to be pumped onboard to the treatment system. This results in better welfare and a fish in better condition that is treated in the system.

The "Oxygen canons"

The overboard system to inject the oxygen enriched seawater to  pen - and direct it to where the fish is compressed during the pumping - is a proprietary invention for Remøy Management. It is called the "Oxygen canons". We have 2 of them onboard.

This "canons" can be moved around the vessel to be in the best position where to inject oxygen enriched seawater.

No need for oxygen bottles - for anyone

This system eliminates the need of oxygen bottles handling both for the vessel and for the farmer location - and therefore this solution provides safer operations.

A major investment that we believe will benefit the fish, crew and farmer.
Oxygen generator - VOLT Processor
Oxygen canon

Great flexibility in fish handling 

Our system is designed with great flexibility for how the the fish can be loaded and discharged. 

The fish can be:

  • loaded at starboard side and discharged to the same pen on starboard side
  • loaded at starboard side and discharged to a pen on port side
  • loaded at stern and discharged at the bow on starboard side
  • loaded at stern and discharged midship to port or starboard 

The system is designed so that the rigging can be done quickly and easily switched between each farm location.

Starboard to Port side - VOLT Processor
VOLT Processor location 2
VOLT Harvest - bow discharge system
Rennen for bauglossing

Digital Platform - extensive database - "big data"

The digitalization has also reached the delousing operations...

Optimar Commander and extensive sensor package

Our treatment system is connected to Optimar Commander, a digital cloudbased platform. We have installed an extensive sensor package into our system to log as many variables as possible during the fish treatment. In addition we will register all known fish health data, weather, etc for each treatment to get a wider picture. This we do to build an extensive database of treatment results and use this as decision support for future treatments to achieve the best possible result for each treatment - based on unique knowledge.

Access from everywhere

Operators onboard, customers can also follow the treatment process "live" on their computers, pads, phones etc. from any location when the are granted a login to the system. This will give better comfort for all involved parties since things can be continuously monitored and checked.

Treatment report

The treatment report generated from our system will be the most extensive in the industry.
Foto: Optimar
VOLT Processor location 10

The vessel  - specially designed for delousing treatments

The vessel is newbuilt in 2018 and it is designed around the Optilice 4 XL system. The capacities is optimised for purpose and operational needs are taken into the consideration in all aspects of the vessel.

Special features of the vessel:

  • Diesel-Electric system to power the propulsion and deck equipment. The same generators will support all operations onboard
  • Extreme maneuverability
  • Protection cages around all propellers
  • DP system
  • Ballast water treatment system installed. This will eliminate the risk of bringing live organisms from one location/zone to another
  • Sewage treatment system installed
  • Permanent magnet motor thrusters (reduced fuel consumption)
  • TIR 2 engines (less emissions). Can be upgraded to TIR 3.

Short specification of the vessel

Open the attached PDF below:

VOLT Processor location 7

M/V VOLT Processor:

Length: 43 meter
Breadth: 12 meter
Operational draught: 2,0-2,2 meter
Work deck: 350 m2
Accommodation: 10 persons
Cranes: 4
Capstans: 5 x 5 tons
Mooring winches: 2
VOLT Processor turning

The crew onboard - competent and experienced

The performance of the vessel and Optilice 4 XL system is all about the crew performance - which is a result of their competence, experience and familiarisation - and the tools they have available.

Our key crew has vast experience from delousing operations with several different systems. 


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