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Our history

It all started with two brothers that attended as crew on board a wooden boat participating in herring fishing in the North Sea in 1971.

The early start

In port in a coastal city in western Norway the 2 brothers had some hours to rest. Before falling to sleep the elder brother had an idea that they should get their own vessel and start a business for themselves. They agreed to do so. Then the hard work started.

The work finding a vessel that could fit their first operation and funds to buy it was not easy. Many believed in them and they found solutions. After some months they where able to buy and equip a fishing vessel and started their first operation in 1972. 

Their first fishing vessel operation resulted in a big success and they where able to buy their second vessel just some months later. The success continued and they had started a profitable and growing business.

The success story has resulted in operating more than 60 vessels in various segments and to build more than 20 ships. And it is still continuing.

The brothers are Ståle and Tore Remøy. The company continue today as a family owned company.


Several fishing vessels operated and entered into their first contract with the Norwegian Coastguard in 1976. In 1977-78 a large new purse seiner was built and put into operation. New concepts and technologies introduced to the Norwegian fishery industry.
Torbas Stålbas kystvakt Torbas, fishing vessel Torbas (Fosnavaag) Torbas (ved Shetland)


New ships mainly in the Offshore Support Vessel segment. Fishing vessels were rebuilt to serve the offshore oil industry in various ways since it was more profitable. Vessel in management was Coastguard, PSV, AHTS and ERRV and factory trawler vessels.
Torbas, second Rembas, fishing vessel Sub Surveyor Michelle Irene


At peak 15 vessels under management. All vessels in the Offshore Support Vessel segment was sold in 1998. The company continued with management of a Coastguard vessel and factory trawlers.
Torbas Kronbas Sølvbas Kronbas Rembas Rem Fantasy Emerald Bas Siggbas Kronbas


Development of 2 new Coastguard vessel classes (Nornen and Barentshav) and building of 7 vessels for services in the Norwegian Coastguard. Management of Coastguards, factory trawlers and establishing a fishing operation in Western Africa.
KV Bergen KV Barentshav KV Sortland KNM Olav Tryggvason Thorshøvdi


Management of Coastguard vessels, Navy vessel and Offshore Support Vessels. Building supervision and management of 6 Platform Supply Vessels built and delivered in 2013. New main office built in 2010. Building supervision and management of a larger Cable Laying Vessel (CLV). Management of a AHTS / Support Vessel for a Diving/Subsea company. Building supervision and management of larger service vessels for the aquaculture industry.
VOLT Processor NKT Victoria Wolrd Opal World Diamond volt-collector-ii Worold Diamond New office building 2010