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Experience since 1972 provides a solid track record.

HSEQ is of paramount importance for all our operations and activities.

Experience, attitude and modern systems are key elements for a safe and cost effective management and to obtain highly performing, cost effective and with low energy usage vessels. Lowest possible environmental impact for the ships in general and in operations depends on the tools and experience in the operational and technical departments combined with the ability to get the ship crew to achieve the defined goals.

Remøy Management has brought several innovations to the shipping segments we are working within. In 1983 we where the first to install azimuth thrusters in an OSV. In 1993 we developed, built and commissioned the first OSV with diesel-electric propulsion system. This has become industry standard today and has brought huge cost and energy savings and highly reduced environmental impacts.
In 2008 we developed a hybrid Coastguard vessel with a combination of LNG- diesel-electric and direct propulsion system which has a proven higher performance and operational cost reduction and further reduced environmental impacts.

We strive to be an added value partner for ship owners and customers.

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