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Ship Management

Ship management

We are a full service ship management company. We hold for our Total Management System (TMS) an ISM Document of Compliance (DoC) and it is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

We can provide ship owners with all services needed for planning/developing, building, commissioning, mobilisation and operating the vessels.

We offer commercial, technical, crew and insurance management according to international recognised agreements.
Since 1972 we have managed more than 60 vessels in different industries. As a references we have more than 35 years of experience with, and still are managing vessels for the Norwegian Coastguard.

Commercial Management

Our organisation holds personnel with extensive experience in the OSV, Coastguard and fishing industries. We have long standing relations with all larger ship brokers working in the industries and have relations with several of the smaller and larger charters internationally.

We are working with vessels on long term charters and with vessels in the spot market. We have a proven track record obtaining charter contracts and good results under varying market conditions for vessel under our management.
Crew Management

Technical Management

Experience, attitude and modern tools are key elements to obtain a cost effective and a sound technical management. An effective technical management secures that the vessels have maximum performance and securing a minimum of off-hire situations for the vessels.

Maintenance and repairs are performed based on recommendations from suppliers and class requirements combined with knowledge obtained by experience from our operations. 

We have a proven track record showing high performance and extremely low off-hire situations for vessels under our management.
Techical Management

Crew Management

The manning level and nationalities to be used are discussed and agreed with the ship owner. We manage ships with one nationality and ships with a mixed crew on-board. All is done according to flag state requirements and with concern to operations to be performed.

We have a database with Norwegian/Scandinavian/European crew and use several external crewing companies with a proven track record for sourcing qualified crew from Asia and Europe (outside Scandinavia).
Crew Management

Insurance Management

Together with or by instructions from ship owners we obtain attractive insurance cover for defined values, operations and other risks. We are able to obtain attractive insurance premiums based on our fleet status and track record with few incidents leading to insurance claims.

We manage the entire claims process for our customers and look after their interests; from notification of a claim to final collection of claim reimbursement from the underwriters.
Commercial Management

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