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Shipbuilding Supervision

Shipbuilding supervision

Remøy Management has been responsible for more than 20 ship newbuildings. We have experience from yards in Norway, Holland, Romania, Poland and Portugal. We have built Offshore Support Vessels, Coastguards, Navy vessels, Factory Trawlers, Purse Seiners and Service vessels for the Aquaculture industry.

All the vessels built the last 10 years has been built with DP systems (Dynamic Positioning).

Timely delivery, that the vessel is according to specification and with correct optimal solutions demands experienced site personnel and a technical support team with operational competence and experience. The quality of the shipbuilding supervision and solutions chosen will also impact on the operational cost when the vessel is delivered.

Our track record shows that vessels built under our supervision performs well technically and operationally – and at a low operational cost.

Reference list newbuilds since 2006:

  • 2022 - VOLT Harvest I (Stun&Bleed salmon transport)
  • 2021 - VOLT Harvest II (Stun&Bleed salmon transport)
  • 2020 - VOLT Collector I (Stun&Bleed salmon transport)
  • 2018 - VOLT Processor (Utility/Support vessel, DP1)
  • 2017 - NKT Victoria (Cable Layer, DP3)
  • 2013 - World Diamond (PSV, DP2)
  • 2013 - World Pearl (PSV, DP2)
  • 2013 - World Opal (PSV, DP2)
  • 2013 - World Sapphire (PSV, DP2)
  • 2013 - World Peridot (PSV, DP2)
  • 2013 - World Emerald (PSV, DP2)
  • 2010 - KV Sortland (Coast Guard, DP1)
  • 2010 - KNM Olav Tryggvason (Navy, DP1)
  • 2009 - KV Bergen (Coast Guard, DP1)
  • 2009 - KV Barentshav (Coast Guard, DP1)
  • 2007 - KV Heimdal (Coast Guard, DP1)
  • 2007 - KV Tor (Coast Guard, DP1)
  • 2006 - KV Nornen (Coast Guard, DP1)



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