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Vessel Development

Vessel development

In order to win tenders for long time charters or meet specific operational requirements Remøy Management has developed several new vessel solutions since 1972. This has been done by modifying existing or new ship designs and introduced new technical solutions that gives better vessel performance, lower costs and reduced environmental impacts. We have worked together with several ship design companies internationally to develop new vessel configurations and solutions.

We where the first company that planned and built an OSV with a diesel-electric propulsion system in 1993. This resulted in highly reduced fuel consumption for several operations and a reduced environmental impact. This has become an industry standard today.
For the Norwegian Coastguard we developed ships with a hybrid propulsion system. It was installed a LNG-Electric system combined with the possibility to increase the bollard pull by shafting in a larger diesel engine directly to the main propeller. This has improved operational performance and flexibility, and reduced operational costs. The environmental impact has also been highly reduced from lowering fuel consumption and by using LNG the NOx has been reduced.

We where the first company to install Azimuth thrusters in 1983 in an OSV. This improved the manoeuvering capacities of the vessels dramatically and lowered the environmental impact due to reduced fuel consumption. This has become the industry standard today.
Vessel development
There are many other smaller technical inventions and solutions that we have introduced resulting in lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance, lower costs and increased performance of the vessel. Get to know us and you will learn more about this.

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