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Ethical policy

In all Remøy Management (Company) operations it is important to retain a set of core values. Company demands and maintains high ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. Corrupt practices will not be tolerated.

Human rights

All Company business shall respect and protect internationally proclaimed human rights to ensure that Company are not complicit in any human right abuses.
As a responsible employer, Company is committed to complying with national statutory requirements and legislation.

Labour rights

The Company respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Company supports elimination of forced, compulsory and child labour. The business shall not benefit from this. It is Company policy that all employees will be provided with a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and victimization and treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
In all workplace practices and in the provision of goods and services Company is committed to ensure that regardless of gender, race, colour, disability (physical, intellectual or mental), religion, age, sexual preference, family responsibilities, pregnancy, political beliefs, national/ethnic origin, labour union activity or marital status, individuals or groups will not be treated unfairly or be disadvantaged.


Company supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. The Company shall undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage development of environmental friendly technologies (ref. Environmental policy document).


Company business shall be conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Activities shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that prohibit corruption, bribery and extortion. The Company will do its outmost to support anti-corruption behaviour. All Company personnel have a responsibility to report dishonesty and corruption to the appropriate level. The Norwegian Working Environment Act regulates and protects the employees’ right to act as a whistle blower. Company extends this right as a policy to all business areas.