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HSEQ Purpose

The general aim of our policy is to minimize incidents and/or conditions that may cause:

  • Loss of life or personal injury
  • Damage to health
  • Damage to the environment
  • Damage to the vessel, third party property or company reputation

The Company will achieve these governing objectives by:

  • Supplying the necessary resources
  • Implementing efficient measures ensuring protection of health, environment and safety for all our employees and those involved or affected by our operations
  • Assuring a high level of competence and skills amongst our employees
  • Creating a positive working environment and a preferred work place
  • Ensuring a high maintenance standard on all ships
  • Keeping all ships free from drugs and alcohol
  • Identifying and controlling environmental aspects
  • Adhering to all mandatory laws and regulations at all times
  • Working systematically through HSEQ improvement targets, action plans and performance measurement
  • Through continuous use of risk analyses and safe job analyses actively work in every field to reduce the possibility of non-conformities of any kind
  • Ensuring that all activities are within the scope of employment contract and national and international regulations regarding working conditions. According to Norwegian Act. 16 February 2007 no 9 para 24 / Form: “NMD KS-0301 B”
  • Avoiding disturbance of rest period as far as possible. If seafarers normal rest period is disturbed due to call-outs to work, this is to be adequately compensated
  • Conducting planned drills in a manner that minimizes the disturbance of rest periods and does not induce fatigue
  • Providing facilities for crew: Television, free internet, training facilities in separated room. Outdoors facilities for ball games. Outdoor space available according to international agreements. Bikes available. Designated smoking area