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Smoking policy

The aim of Remøy Management (Company) Smoking Policy is to protect the safety and health of shore staff and personnel on board our vessels and in our offices. Medical evidence clearly confirms that smoking is harmful to the health. Accordingly, Managers and Captains shall promote and ensure compliance with the Smoking Policy.

The underpinning principle of this policy is to ensure non-smokers are not subjected to smoke inhalation. All personnel are expected to comply with this policy.

Smoking is prohibited in the following locations:

  • All parts of the accommodation of the Company’s vessels except for dedicated smoking areas.
  • Offices belonging to Company.
  • Areas designated as no smoking areas by signage, instruction or order.

Areas will be outdoors, clearly marked with ashtrays present to contain ash in windy conditions. Cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of within these ashtrays.

It is emphasized that the above also applies to all forms of smoking, including electronic cigarettes.